Intuitive Coaching

An Intuitive Coaching Session inspires your awakened nature. It addresses care for your "whole being". Susan blends spirit (messages from guides & archangels), psychology, and consciousness.

Having spent 15 yrs in an Embodied Awakened community, Susan realized her "wholeness". This consciousness is now transmitted through her work, adding clarity and richness. Susan has worked with people all over the world, from spiritual leaders and Tibetan Tulkus, to artists and scientists.

If your heart calls you to do a spiritual consult, Listen. "It would be my honor to witness your journey and assist with your heart's callings... a sacred passage."​

--Susan Spensley             

A must-read book

INTO THE KNOWN, by Susan Spensley

'Into the Known', by Susan Spensley

'Into the Known', by Susan Spensley & Janet Bajan, is a must-read for those seeking clarity and 'whole consciousness'. Learn more about her book, purchase one for yourself, or give as a gift! 

"There is divinity in each person. The divinity goes by many names, but it is the place where any problem has a solution." -- Susan Spensley

Find out more about 'Into the Known' or purchase a copy for yourself or give as a gift!