Susan was born clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient (seeing, hearing, & sensing energy levels). A spiritual and psychic awakening in the mid-1970's brought her guides in: theArchangels & Ascended Masters.


1980-2000 - Taught Intuition Training & Meditation classes/wkshps 

1995 - Became a licensed psycho-therapist. Still practicing traditional   

& spiritual psychotherapy. 

2003 - Experienced a 2nd Awakening, "Second Birth"©,  a whole-body-spirit enlivenment through the Waking Down© teachings of Saniel Bonder. 

2008 - Published 'Into the Known',  a written collaboration with Janet Bajan. 

2016 - Became a Trillium Awakening©  (formerly Waking Down) teacher.​  

"Years ago, after meditating for 30 years, I found myself in a "spiritual vacancy".  I lacked the sense of Oneness with the Divine that I longed for. My spiritual life was flat. I found a teacher-led group where my "flatness" was embraced with Radical Acceptance. After 14 months, I experienced Embodied Awakening. I didn't have to do lots of techniques or buy a program. Embodied Awakening is a permanent shift in consciousness that evolves and integrates over time. Now, many years later, I am a facilitator in this work. (Trilliumawakening.org)  I offer to you what was given to me: profound compassion and radical acceptance. Awakening is possible!" 


-Susan Spensley 



"One finds Susan's sessions resonate with that inner knowing; truth has been recognized. The sessions are done with love and gentleness."    - J. Randall

"My being made to feel comfortable and accepted unconditionally is the best part of the awakening process so far."    - K. Tengwald

"Susan is authentic and radiant. She has facility and integrity beyond any person I have met as a spiritual teacher. I am thankful every day for the real change that she and the process she teaches have provided. She is a mid-wife birthing consciousness."   

 - Anna-Lena

"As an increasing skeptical former student of philosophy and religion, I was frankly surprised by 'Into The Known'. Ms. Spensley's spirituality fits well with other religious and philosophical systems, coherently bringing together the themes of personal responsibility, freedom, the journey of being human, fear, change, grace, and the Divine, and how they interplay. If your present belief system - or lack thereof - is not providing the answers/insights you're seeking...or even if you're satisfied with your spiritual progress so far...her book will, I believe, challenge you and add richness and new perspectives to the way you view yourself and the cosmos."   - Tom Pellinger

"Susan is one of those rare teachers who can inspire the novice or the advanced individual. Her level of understanding is so deep. Her integrity is unshakeable."   

- Richard Holton


"Acknowledgment and nurturing of who we are fosters the brilliance of our inner light and helps heal our wounded places. 

We are both shadow and light. This is our human journey." --  Susan Spensley

"The wound is the place where Light enters you" -- Rumi