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'Into the Known', by Susan Spensley

'Into the Known', by Susan Spensley, is a must-read for those seeking clarity and 'whole consciousness'. Learn more about her book, purchase one for yourself, or give as a gift!

"There is divinity in each person. The divinity goes by many names, but it is the place where any problem has a solution." -- Susan Spensley

     "When one feels a lack of love in one's life, we encourage the individual to remember that although lack is being felt now, it is not a permanent state. Lack is a temporary state; it comes now and then. If one wishes to make it permanent, one can...by choosing it.  If one is feeling a great deal of lack, we would pose the question, "How about making different choices? How about noticing the 'red flags' that appeared at the onset of a situation of lack?"

"It is possible, even if there has been devastation in one's life, to keep choosing love. If there is no partner, choose love.

If the partner is withholding, absent, too demanding. too dependent, one may still choose love.  Love is a power, an energy in this universe and galaxy. Choose love and move forward. Choose love and arrive at healing and wholeness. Choose Love..it is your right!"

                              - From Session 5, Love.         

'Into the Known'

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