A bi-monthly message from susan

"Take Heart" - Autumn 2018

"We say, take Heart!  The world may appear dismal, full of chaos, lacking love, and confused. It may seem that Truth has been overshadowed by greed, power, money, and war.  Yes, greed, power, money have all reached a peak.

The world has been functioning in the 3rd dimension. The physical 3-D dimension is filled with consuming: money, things, people, positions, power.  Even if you are able to transcend these compelling energies, you may find yourself often feeling discouraged about what you see and hear.

The earth and humanity are continually evolving. It is impossible not to evolve. Even the rotting of the old/outdated perspectives is movement.  Rotting is evolution...death brings re-birth.

As Earth and humanity continue evolving into the 5th dimension, the qualities of Soul or God-self will be expanding. Qualities such as: unconditional love, strength, wisdom, understanding, acceptance, compassion, etc. 

These qualities are already expanding. It may not be so evident because the 3-D energies (ego based) are fighting to hold on. They sense the shift and interpret it as death.  There is great fear of death on earth, so fighting to stop it occurs.

The 3-D mindset cannot fathom the ways of Soul; cannot imagine the depth of compassion and wisdom that is brewing. When enough of the old has rotted away, the 5-D qualities will begin to expand rapidly.  Healing and change are happening right now. It is much like the seeds sprouting underground in winter that break through in spring. 

It is crucial to have perspectives and techniques to keep oneself balanced during these times.  Deep breathing, stretching, approaches that de-stress the nervous system such as: yoga, tai chi, qi gong & EFT (tapping), prayer, support groups, uplifting reading material, and meditation.  Exercise & diet  are important. Choose what you are able to include in your daily/weekly routine.  Choose BALANCE for yourself vs letting the outside forces usurp your inner peace and energy. Choose the best for yourself,  your community,  & world.  Choose Love, then  let the Divine figure out How it will all unfold. Just the act of Choosing has a positive effect. Choose, Let go, & Take heart!"