A bi-monthly message from susan

"Choose Love" - Winter 2018-19

"The heart is the generator of our feelings of Love. Yes, the brain is strongly an influence too, and this message is about Love and the Heart.  The heart organ sits in the center of the Heart Chakra...the energy center of Love.

This chakra is the voice of the Infinite within us, or the voice of the soul.  Our most obvious connection to the realm of the unlimited, eternal, and infinite reality is our Heart center.  Our most obvious connection to unconditional love, compassion, understanding, and truth is the heart center.

Let's activate it by, "Choosing Love".  This choice is not about a relationship, a romance. It is not about "trying to be more loving" because we think we should or others will think better of us.

The choice to Love More may be a generic choice of sorts... with no person or situation in mind. By choosing, we allow the universe/divine to activate more love energy within and through us. The choice allows us to experience more love for others and ourselves.

By Choosing Love daily, we become aligned with a pure, positive energy.  This helps our thoughts to be calmer, our emotions to be uplifted, and our relations with others to be more rewarding. Our environment will reflect our choice of Love.  People we know and those we don't even know may find their day/week unfolding more smoothly and/or experience their needs being met more easily, because of our willingness to allow Love.

The universe is infinite, the divine is infinite, and Love is unlimited.  

When you awake tomorrow, Choose Love! Choose Love as the "infusion" for your day.

Choose Love and see what happens!