A Seasonal message from susan

Winter - 2019-2020 "Shift"


A popular theme in spiritual and metaphysical communities is the

Shift occurring from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension identity & reality.  

The Ascended Masters have clarified this by saying that humanity in general is shifting from identity with ego to identity with the soul or the Divine. What does this mean?

Identity with the ego means, "I am my: job,  family,  religion,  beliefs, emotions, mind/thoughts, dietary choice, etc.  I am" what I do" vs "I am".  

Identity with the soul or the Divinity within means:  I am an expression of the Divine, I am unlimited, I am always evolving, I am a creator, I am the Divine.

When the Divine within you knows it is time for a shift in your identity, what you counted on to tell you who you are, will begin to shift.  It will not work anymore to bind your identity to your:  vegetarianism, job/career/profession,

relationship, culture, political views, mental capacities, emotional life, etc.

Your soul and/or the Divinity within/without will not support the old identity. This may mean an identity crisis, which is difficult to traverse, but necessary.

When the ground you have founded yourself on begins to shift, you may feel:

lacking in confidence, that you're making mistakes as the old isn't working anymore, that you're "less than" because you're confused, frustrated, powerless, depressed, irritated, etc. 

There is No Mistake!  An identity crisis is a powerful cycle in your evolution.

You are pushed to expand your sense of self. It is uncomfortable and it is life-changing!  If you recognize the above symptoms, give yourself permission to have the "markers of transformation" in yourself and your life.  Say YES to your inner warrior, inner strength, without knowing the HOW of the process.

Say YES, so the Divine within/without may work with you more easily. Say YES to the expanded YOU! Say YES to the New You. Trust the Divine is working through you and guiding you every step of the way. Say YES now!